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At a house construction and demolition firm in the United States, I am looking into reducing OHS hazards for new employees.

1. Area of study

House construction firm Ltd. is a demolition corporation with headquarters in the United States. Since 2001, it has been giving its services. It employs around 120 people in regular jobs.

With the addition of new projects during the previous two years, the number of new staff has increased dramatically. As the corporation hires more inexperienced and rookie staff, the number of accidents on the job site has climbed. The following are the key elements that are producing this problem:

1. Onsite supervisors’ lack of monitoring

1. Debris removal and OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) training for new staff are both lacking.

1. Inappropriate use of demolition equipment

1. As they are new to the profession, they are prone to physical exhaustion and tiredness.

1. The exact problem or issue that has to be looked into

This house construction company’s management challenge is the rising frequency of new employee injuries on the job.

I’m attempting to figure out the most typical new employee errors that lead to accidents.

I’m not sure what kind of safety training and instructions new workers receive, or how they’re introduced to the job locations before they start working. I’m also curious about how well the site supervisors provide these staff instructions.

Employee safety is crucial to the company’s success. Workers who are injured might stifle a company’s growth.

1. Question to be investigated

What causes new house construction firm employees to get wounded on the job?

1. Research objectives

1. To figure out what causes workplace accidents and dangers (new employees)

1. To determine the most effective ways to reduce the number of accidents and risks.

1. To learn about the many OHS training and induction programs available to new hires.

1. Making advice to the house construction management team on how to effectively reduce the hazards that new employees experience

1. Data collection and analysis method/approach to

A variety of studies on OHS training and inductions for a safe workplace may be found online. As a result, I’ll be able to compile secondary data from online journals.

For primary data, I’ll create a questionnaire for the employees with around 70 responders, covering specific OHS questions, their work approach, and the directions given on the job. Based on their responses, I can tell how much they know about demolition and safety. This research will be conducted at several house construction work locations, focusing on new personnel. The Site supervisors will be interviewed to acquire further information.


Thesis Argument Outline

Research Topic

· Occupational Health and Safety hazards among new employees in the housing, construction, and demolition firms/industry within the US.

· The increasing number of new employees has also resulted into increased number of onsite accidents. This is probably attributed to limited monitoring onsite by supervisors, inadequate training of staff on OHS standards, the inappropriate use of demolition equipment, and fatigue and exhaustion among new workers.

Problem Statement

· There is a rising number of onsite accidents among new employees and this negatively affects the quality of work in the house construction and demolition company. Therefore, there is a need to identify the root causes of these accidents and address them accordingly.

Research Question

· What are the causes of onsite accidents among new employees in the house construction and demolition firm?

Research Objectives

· To identify the causes of onsite accidents among new employees.

· To determine the effective solutions that will reduce these onsite accidents.

· To assess the existing OHS training and induction programs that are available for new employees.

· To offer solutions to help the house construction management effectively address and reduce new employees’ accidents and OHS hazards.

Data Collection and Analysis Methods

· Secondary data will be obtained by reviewing relevant online scholarly journals.

· Primary data collection will be achieved through the administration of questionnaires and conduction of interviews.


Final paper

Assignment: Compose a 7-10 page research paper on an approved topic in your prospective field, using a minimum of six sources, four of which must be academic sources. The paper should 1) have a strong thesis statement that lays out the argument you will attempt to prove, 2) build structure derived from that thesis with supporting arguments, 3) use evidence of various kinds from sources in order to support arguments, 4) consider potential rebuttal arguments, 5) conclude with an eye toward further research on the topic.

Additionally, you will complete other assignments along the way. This is a semester-long project.

Format and Rules: 7-10 pages with an additional Works Cited page, in MLA format. Six sources are required and must be cited in the paper and appear in the works cited, four of which must come from academic sources. Any paper using Wikipedia will be graded at no higher than 65%, regardless of the quality of the paper. Additional sources not used in the paper may be included in an Other Works Consulted page, but a minimum of six sources must be cited in the text of the paper.