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Dr Clover – Please delete the case study paragraph and include an introduction paragraph to begin with. See feedback below. Instead of “Introduction” she wants a title for the paper.

A conclusion heading and paragraph is a must as well. Conclusion paragraph tips: The heading must be “Conclusion” and bold. One paragraph about 5-8 sentences. Please summarize the main points of the paper. I should easily be able to see a correlation to each answer in the conclusion. Do NOT include new information or citations.

They want us to follow APA 7th edition. Please correct the format as well. She wants it in hanging. I have attached the essay example- Please Please use that.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Title of the Paper in Bold (Capitalize Properly and Keep it Short)

Student Name

Aspen University

Class Number and Name

Denys Goozee, DNP, MSN, RN, CRRN

October 18, 2021

Same Title Here (also bold) as the Heading for the Introduction

The introduction paragraph and heading (title of the paper) are required in every essay, so be sure to include or significant points (25 points) are deducted as REQUIRED by Aspen. (Don’t worry! I will give you the opportunity to revise and resubmit once, but please be aware). The introduction paragraph is required here and must be One paragraph in length (about 4-6 short sentences), please keep it concise. Start with 2-3 sentences to grab the reader’s attention, then add another 2 sentences to outline the main questions to be answered! “This paper will discuss…” and then outline the main questions to be answered with just a word or two from each question.

First Heading Level 1 (Centered!!!)

I am looking for a citation in every answer (do not wait to show research was done)! This first heading MUST be centered to indicate the start of the discussion section and the end of the Introduction paragraph! This bold and centered heading is considered a Level 1 heading with each word of four letters or more capitalized. The heading should use a few of the same words from the first question to be answered, to be very clear as to what you are answering. Please be sure that every Discussion Section begins with this style Level 1 heading (centered and bold). Level 1 and Level 2 headings are recommended in essay papers. I am looking for a citation in every answer (most paragraphs) to show that research was done in every answer and Avoid Plagiarism! Please cite frequently (at the very least, the first and last sentences borrowed in a paragraph). I am looking for at least 2 citations in most paragraphs. Support your content and your opinions and your experiences with research and citations. The purpose of this Essay Example/ template is to help the student set the margins and spacing to meet APA 7th edition requirements. Margins are set at 1 inch for top, bottom, left, and right. The type is left-justified only—that means the left margin is straight, but the right margin is ragged. Each paragraph is indented five spaces. It is best to use the tab key to indent. The line spacing is double throughout the paper, even on the reference page! One space is used at all times, even after punctuation at the end of sentences. I am looking for font Times New Roman and the font size #12 in all essays.

First Subheading Level 2

I am looking for a citation in every answer (do not wait to show research was done)! This subheading is a Level 2 heading and recommended for all the following questions/answers within the paper. Each heading should use a few of the same words from each question to be very clear as to what you are answering. Answer each question in the order asked. The subheading is flush left and bold, with each word of four letters or more is capitalized.

Second Subheading Level 2

Use Level 2 headings for all answers throughout the paper after the first Level 1 heading. APA dictates that you should avoid having only one subsection heading and subsection within a section. Provide a bold heading for every question/answer as this will provide clarity and organization and meet the requirement for multiple headings in the discussion section.

When you are ready to write, you can delete these directions and start typing. The formatting should stay the same. Remember that APA 7th edition is REQUIRED, so review the APA 7th edition manual and do NOT include a running head or Author note. You should not have to edit the page numbers but if page numbers move then simply use the back-space key to bring it back to the right upper corner of each page. YouTube has some great videos on how to insert page numbers if needed (find a video that works best for you).

In addition to spacing, APA style includes a special way of citing sources. See the APA manual or apastyle.org for specifics regarding in-text citations. The APA manual also discusses the desired tone of writing, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and a variety of other important topics such as concise writing which is necessary to keep within the required word count. Although the APA style rules are used in this Essay Example/ template, the purpose of the Essay Example/ template is only to demonstrate what I am looking for to include spacing and the general parts of the paper. The student will need to refer to the APA 7th edition manual for other format directions.

The reference list must appear at the end of a paper (see below). It provides the information necessary for a reader to locate and retrieve any source you cite in the body of the paper. Each source you cite in the paper must appear in your reference list; likewise, each entry in the reference list must be cited in your text to Avoid Plagiarism. A sample reference page is included below; this page includes examples of how to format different reference types (e.g., books, journal articles, information from a website). The examples on the following page include examples taken directly from the APA manual.


The conclusion paragraph and heading are required in every essay, so be sure to include or significant points (25 points) are deducted as REQUIRED by Aspen. (Don’t worry! I will give you the opportunity to revise and resubmit, but please be aware). Please remember that the purpose of the conclusion paragraph is to summarize the main points of the essay, in ONE paragraph (5-8 sentences here). Do not include any new information! No citations for new information here. Place all research and citations in the discussion section. All paragraphs must be about 4-8 sentences in the discussion to be considered a full paragraph addressing each question. Anything more than about 8 sentences, please use a transition and start a new paragraph (in the discussion section). Please review APA sources provided in the course and news announcements.


Author(s). (Year). This is an example of a journal reference where only the first word in each section of the title is capitalized: The exception is for proper nouns like a name. Journal Name Italicized and Main Words Capitalized, Volume # italicized(issue # right next to the vol #, not italicized), page #’s. doi or URL. Remember do NOT include “Vol, Issue, Page” wording, just the numbers.

Ellis, D. A., Frey, M. A., Naar-King, S., & Templin, T. (2005). Use of multisystemic therapy to improve regimen adherence among adolescents with type 1 diabetes in chronic poor metabolic control: A randomized controlled trial. Diabetes Care, 28(7), 1604-10. https://doi.org/10.1109/5.86775

Author(s). (Year of publication). Titles of books have the same rules as above but titles in books are also italicized (edition of book here abbreviated; not italicized). Publisher Full Name.

Fowler, F. (2013). Policy studies for educational leaders (4th ed). Pearson, Inc.

Author(s) or Organization name if no author is provided. (Year published). Titles of website articles are italicized. Name of Website. URL (if there is no date of publication use n.d. for no date and if no authors use the website organization Group Author or name as the author).

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2020). Title of the article. https://weblink

Penner, T.L., & Mecker, B. (2015, June 15). Can we be all we can be? http://www.be all.org

See below for more guidance ………………

The APA manual 7th edition and apastyle.org are recommended for APA sources formatting. The Writing Center in the Aspen classroom provides great videos for APA formatting requirements and an Example Student Paper so be sure to review that too and let me know if you have any questions! A few more tips below.

Papers should have Margins at the 1 inch on all sides; double spacing with the ‘before’ and ‘after’ box set at 0; and Times New Roman, #12 font. Reference page is on its own page; double-spaced at all times. Reference subheading is centered and bold. All references should be correct in the APA format for that particular source (i.e. book, online journal article, online website, etc. – each one is unique!) Examples above are examples such as Journal Article from a Periodical; Book; and Website article that is not a journal article. Every period, comma, italicization must be correct for it to be correct. Weblinks are not required in APA 7th edition but it is fine to include.

The entire reference list is alphabetized by the first author in each reference; including websites and organizations (do not alphabetize the list of authors in each individual source – those should be listed as they appear in the original source and then alphabetized in your list).

Notice the references are placed in ‘Hanging format’ where the first line is flush left and the rest of the reference is indented one half inch (opposite of a paragraph). To do this make sure all references are left aligned, highlight the reference, go to Paragraph in Word, click drop down in Specials, choose ‘hanging’ – indent using the tab key any lines that did not indent except the first line in each reference.


Assignment Description:

Nightingale Case Study

Write a 1100-1500-word APA paper addressing each of the following points.

Be sure to completely answer all the questions for each bullet point.

Separate each section in your paper with a clear heading that allows your professor to know which bullet you are addressing in that section of your paper.

Support your ideas with at least three (3) outside sources and the textbook using citations in your essay. Make sure to cite using the APA writing style for the essay.

The cover page and reference page in correct APA do not count towards the minimum word amount.

Case Study: Mrs. Adams, a 68-year-old widow who was referred to case management upon discharge from the hospital based on her physician’s recommendation that she is not able to care for herself independently. Her diagnosis is diabetes, hypertension, and breast cancer. She is 5 days’ post-op from a right sided mastectomy.   Mrs. Adams apartment is located in a low-income area of the city where crime is prevalent.  Upon assessment by the Community Health Nurse, Mrs. Adams apartment was in disorder with minimal airflow or light. Her clothes appeared unchanged and she had no food in the apartment.  The small apartment also housed 3 cats and a small dog who Mrs. Adams considers family since the death of her husband 1 year ago. Mrs. Adams complains of pain and draining from her surgical site and a broken air conditioner. 

· Using Nightingale’s Environmental Theory, what actions would the nurse take upon the first assessment? What are the five essential components?

· What would be an appropriate plan of care be for Mrs. Adams? How would you prioritize the care plan?

· Apply Nightingale’s Environmental Theory to an area of your nursing practice?  What patient-population would benefit from this approach?  Support this practice change with at least one evidenced-based article.