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502 Parental Involvement

ED 502 -Classroom Management/Organization

Ms. Winslow please revise your plan it needs to be setup as followed below… Please resubmit with revised details by Sept. 15th 12pm Central Standard Time.

Parental Involvement Plan

Research, summarize, and reflect on 2 techniques that can be used to increase parental involvement in the Home and School Learning Community Environment. You will have 2 pages for each technique.

The requirements for this assignment are listed below:

List each of the 2 techniques and write a 1/2 page summary of each findings.

Include a ½ page reflection on each technique’s strengths and weaknesses.

Include 3 references for each finding.

Example: This is how you will set up your assignment

Name of Technique

½ Page Summary

½ Page Reflection on strengths and weaknesses

3 References