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15 page paper

Cavaliers Mission Statement
The Cleveland Cavaliers are committed to
positively impacting important social issues in
our community in the areas of education, health
& wellness, youth & family services and
volunteerism. Through our community programs
and initiatives and with financial support from
the Cavaliers Youth Fund, a fund of the Cleveland
Foundation, the Cavaliers aim to set the standard
of giving in our community.

Who/what are the

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team in the NBA
(National Basketball Association)

Founded 1970

They play in Rocket mortgage field house in

Play in the Eastern Conference

Have had prevalent names in basketball such
as lebron james and Shaq play for them but
only have one championship to show for iut

Financial Facts Franchise Value of the Cleveland
cavaliers- 1.65bn USD

Cleveland Cavaliers Revenue- 211m

Cleveland Cavaliers ticket sales- 4m

Average ticket price- 48 Usd

Cleveland Cavaliers
Social Media

Cleveland Cavaliers Facebook Fans- 8.03 Million

Cleveland Cavaliers Twitter followers- 3.28 Million

Cleveland Cavaliers instagram followers- 11.7 million

Cavaliers Currently 43-36, 7th in the NBA Eastern conference
They are projected to make the playoffs (64%) which
will be good for revenue, but with that being said they
have next to no chance of winning the championship

Market research

– There has been a huge decrease in home
attendance due to the Covid- 19. Therefore,
They need to find a way to get the fans back to
wanting to go and support them at home games
The first way to do that is to start winning again


– Another thing that can make more people want
to attend the the games is by making the city of
cleveland more appealing , by fixing up the the
infrastructure of the city.

– Get the kids to fall in love with the team which in
turn brings in parents money

Target Audience The target audience of this marketing would have to be the people of that live in ohio.
– Make people want to go to the games
– Make the games more entertaining
– Cultivate the attention of children make them

become fans.

Strengths – The cleveland Cavaliers have only one upside and that is the Renovated arena.

Weaknesses – No “ super star” players – The loss of Lebron james (arguably the most
know player in the NBA) to the lakers

– No big/exciting plays that can capture the fans

The setup With lebron being gone they opened a lots of space on salary(3 year/100 million dollar) due to a player of that
magnitude contract being gone. This will help the
cavaliers in the market getting a more balanced team
instead of one superstar with a bunch of low tier
players around him.

They also have a former all-star and cleveland veteran
with kevin love that can help new players get used to
the organization because winning starts in the locker

Cavaliers player
spending over the
the years

It obvious that player expenses after
lebron left there is more money to
play around and pick up young
explosive players to make the games
more entertaining.

attendance over the

Along with a dip in Player spending
it is obvious that there was a dip in
average attendance after losing their
most important player of the

Winning With cleveland having won one championship with lebron the city went crazy people travelled there and
were more likely to go to the games. No one wants to
go see a team that loses and a team without star
players. In order to attract people big plays and big
wins are needed. The organization needs bright young
stars to kickstart the organization upwards back to its
2016. I feel like these are very solid steps in the right

Marketing to kids – It is easy to market to kids- There are many ways t o get the kids involved
with the team.

– There can be more kids camps where players
can interact with the kids and are more likely to
fall in love with the organization. Making them
more likely to want to attend games which in
turn equals more revenue and more attendance.

– Another step than can be take is to make the
more entertaining for the kids. Because in all
honesty many kids will not be paying much
attention to the games as adults will. There has
to be a way for kids to want to comeback and
make families more likely to comeback. Such as
more intractable halftime show for kids,
souvenirs, toys handed to the kids, interaction
with players pre or post game.

Continued…. /
Targeting adults
and teens

With all that being said kids will bring friends and
family to the games making attendance go up. Using
their social media outlets possibly by giving out free
tickets and letting people experience the games will
make more people want to come to the games and
bring people along with them. All these plans revolve
around bringing in the target audience which in turn
will cause them to attract more people to the games.

Fixing the
making more
appealing to the

Cleveland has been graded with a c- on it’s
infrastructure. The experience of the game is not just
the game it’s the city the that game takes place . If
families can’t enjoy their time in the city due to bad
roads, bad internet connections, and bad means of
public transportation. It just makes the experience that
much worse. If the city opens up their checkbook and
fixes up these issues it will make the games better to
go to. If more people go to the game that is more
people that are likely to spend money in the city which
makes it a win-win for the city and the organization.,

15 Page Paper

 Write a fifteen page (double spaced) paper covering the content from each chapter in the textbook (roughly one page per chapter) and how you will practically apply that knowledge in your marketing plan. Please utilize the APA template to write this paper.